By way of explanation……

Those of you who follow me here may have received a cryptic email yesterday, I know some of you did. It was a privacy statement relating to a Child Medical Calculations app that I am in the process of uploading to Google Playstore. It is to be my first and they require that I post a privacy statement for the app so I decided to post it here on my website/blog. I didn’t realise that you would receive it as a post. Those of you that have been around for a while may have seen a previous iteration in the form of “Paediatric Resuscitation” app and it relates to the finished (for now) version of that.

I am currently waiting for Google to verifiy my identity, then they will check that it meets all of the requirements and passes tests. I am hoping that it will soon be able to release it to a wider audience before very long so watch this space. I’ll give an update of what it currently does once it is finally released. Thank you for popping by, I’ll be back soon.


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