Hello, my name is Paul Cullen.

I am an Android developer but it hasn’t always been that way. I spent thirty years working in the NHS as a Nurse – breaking off occasionally to become a driving instructor, a retail manager (Fast Food and later Wine shop/off license). I studied communications networks with ACS and computer hardware – Comptia A+.

I worked in several different areas of healthcare but eventually settled on Theatre Recovery and Critical care. This experience led me to become an Resuscitation Council Advanced Life Support (ALS) course instructor and a European Paediatric Life Support Instructor (EPLS). You might ask why this is relevant but it has helped me to write the rather niche medical based apps that have created.

I retired early from the NHS to pursue a life as a photographer – I was always keen but alas, I was unable to make the success of it that I had planned. With the wider use of smart phones, I started to dabble with photo editing apps with my photographs which led me to think about creating my own. I mentioned this to a friend and he sent me a link to Google Garage where they were advertising Google Scholarships to study, amongst other things, Android courses – paid for by Google and taught by Udacity. I applied for the Android Basics Nanodegee by Google and was accepted for the “Challenge”; three months tuition. There were 10,000 candidates across Europe. After the three months were over, 2000 were invited to participate in the Nano degree proper – a further six months study at Google’s expense. I graduated in July 2018.

In addition to creating a number of Android apps, I have also been “studying around the subject” by delving into the C programming language, a little Python, Electronics – I have an interest in micro-controllers, Java, which helps with my Android apps. So far I have produced a tour app of the city where I live, a takeaway ordering app, a couple of medical calculation apps and I have plans to expand my repertoire with different types of apps – the most difficult thing is coming up with good Ideas. I am on a journey and I would love to take you along with me – “all aboard!”