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This web page is all about my journey into the world of software development. I hope that you will join me on my continued travels and that we can share some interesting experiences along the way. For a little more about how I got to here, please follow the “About” link in the header. You can follow this page by clicking the “follow” link at the bottom of the page.

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The Body Mass Index Calculator.

Hello and welcome back. My latest Flutter and Dart project is my body mass index calculator or as some know it BMI. Body mass index is a somewhat out of vogue way of assessing if someone is of a healthy weight for their height and quite rightly so, many a professional Rugby player will have … Continue reading

My Quiz App.

My daughter is a primary school teacher and holds a Master of Arts Degree in History. I thought that it would be a jolly wheeze if I was to attempt to create a quiz app that might be useful to her endeavours, or at least amuse her. It would also give me an idea for … Continue reading