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This web page is all about my journey into the world of software development. I hope that you will join me on my continued travels and that we can share some interesting experiences along the way. For a little more about how I got to here, please follow the “About” link in the header. You can follow this page by clicking the “follow” link at the bottom of the page.

Latest from the Blog

The Illumination Repairs App

I was inspired by the work/volunteering that I had been doing for Illumination Repairs C.I.C. to attempt to create a contact app and I decided to create it in Flutter so that eventually it would work on both Android and iOS without having to write the whole thing twice – there are pros and cons … Continue reading

Things that I have repaired.

These are some of the things that I have repaired as part of Illumination Repairs since November 2021. This was the second shredder that I repaired – this one had a bent paper switch – the one that activates the shedder when you put paper in the feed. The first one had a broken switch … Continue reading

While I’ve been “away”.

Hello again! May I just apologise for my absence – I got a bit distracted. I was scrolling through my Instagram account when I was recommended an account to follow called “Illumination Repairs”. They are a Community Interest Company and their mandate is to repair electrical items that have broken and would otherwise go to … Continue reading